Sólo necesito una señal. Demuestrame que te importo, por favor.
Él no dijo nada,
Ella entendió todo.


Nocton Hall 2013

Visited with my boyfriend at the time, we wandered through the old people’s home and were able to find a way into the Hall itself. I keep planning on going back to see more of it, although it was scary because so many of the rooms had collapsed in ceilings.

Next to the Hall is a military base from WW2 which is all sealed off with barbed wire but that’s the military hospital side of the property. Would have loved to have gone in there, but the combined effects of the creepiness of the place and the signs warning of asbestos kind of put me off. Definitely a place where I would love to know more of the history behind it.

sixpenceee these were the pictures I was talking about in the previous post I reblogged of yours (http://emmatheseed.tumblr.com/post/82795290365/sixpenceee-nocton-hall-hospital-stories-abound)